Add NFTs to the collection

You have created your collection, so the next logical step is to add some NFTs to it. Hit the "Add NFT" button at the top right corner to add a new NFT.

You can contact us for assistance in the upload process of your assets, especially if your collection contains a lot of assets. You can send us the media files and metadata in a machine readable format and we will take care of the upload for you.

When adding a new NFT you will be asked for the following information:

Asset Name

The asset name is a uniqe identifier of your NFT inside the collection. This value must not contain any whitespace or special characters and the lenght is limited to 32 characters. Usually you will rarely see the asset name of an NFT. Some wallets my display it, but most of the time you will see the display name.

Display Name

The display name allows more freedom in formatting. You can use special characters and whitespaces, the length is limited to 64 characters. This name will be shown on secondary markets like or blockchain visualisations like


Of course, the sense of an NFT is that there is only one copy of each asset. But sometimes you want to have multiple NFTs that all contain the same image and metadata. In this case you can select Multiple NFTs here and set the desired quantity. Please select Single NFT if there shall only be a single NFT with the uploaded media and metadata.

Single NFT: One single NFT with a unique asset name.

Multiple NFTs: Multiple unique NFTs with different asset names counting up to the total supply (AssetName1, AssetName2, ...). The single assets are unique and distinguishable from each other and will also include an incrementing metadata key "Number: X/Y".


If you have added some master metadata to your collection you will notice that those values are already included here. You can now add more asset specific metadata. Be creative, add some attributed that describe your NFT.

When adding a Twitter link, for example, the Key would be Twitter and the Value would be the URL to your Twitter profile. When adding URLs to the metadata we recommend including the https:// prefix.

Source Media

A high quality representation of your NFT. Allowed filetypes are PNG, JPG, GIF, MP4 and GLB. Important: If you upload a MP4 or GLB file, we highly recommend setting a thumbnail image.

Thumbnail Image (optional)

A low quality representation of your NFT. The filesize should not exceed 2 MB. This image will be used when your NFT is display among other assets where the full resolution is not needed or can't be displayed (for example the wallet overview on Allowed filetypes are PNG, JPG, GIF.

File Attachment (optional)

A ZIP file that will be attached to your NFT. This option may be useful if you want to attach even more files to your NFT. The ZIP file will be pinned to IPFS and can be download through a link inside the metadata.

Once you are done adding all the information you can use the Preview button to see how your final NFT will look like. To prevent any unwanted changes you can optionally hit the Lock button to freeze the current state of the NFT.

You have successfully added an NFT to the collection!

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