Policy ID

Every native asset on the Cardano blockchain is minted under a Policy ID. The Policy ID and the Asset Name combined build an unique identifier of your asset on the blockchain.

Furthermore the Policy ID is a unique fingerprint of the mint script that defines the rules for minting assets under this policy. The most common mint script allows one single private key to mint and burn assets until a certain date. Thats what is commonly known as the policy lock date. But more complex multi-signature scripts are possible as well.

The mint script can't be changed afterwards because this would also change the Policy ID as it's a fingerprint (or hash) of the script. So the lock date of the policy should be wisely choosen.


The example below is a mint script, that allows the owner of the mentioned key to mint and burn assets under this policy until the blockchain reached the slot 81051308 which will be on January 1, 2023.

When minting with CFactory we will take care of creating a mint script and policy for your assets. You just have to enter the policy lock date for your collection or decide that the policy should never lock (which we do not recommend).

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