Create a collection

When creating a new collection you will be asked for the following information:


Give you collection a name. This name will only be visible inside the CFactory web app and is not attached to your minted assets.

Collection Metadata

This section can be considered as master metadata. Everything you enter here will be automatically attached to all NFTs in the collection. This might be useful if you want to add your Website, Discord Invite or Twitter Link to your NFTs. No worries, you can still change this values after creating the collection and, of course, you can define asset specific metadata later when adding the NFTs. You can find more information about metadata here.

Policy Lock

Set a date when the policy of your collection should lock. Choose this date wisely! Once the policy is locked it is not possible to mint more NFTs of this collection. There is also an option to leave the policy open forever, but we do not recommend this. In our opinion, a true NFT comes with a locked policy. You can find more information about Policy IDs here.

Once your collection is created you can find the Policy ID at the top of the page. If you are sure that the lock date is far enough in the future, you can already verify the policy on secondary markets like

You have sucessfully created a NFT collection!

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